Swimming Upstream (SUP)

NSEA's Swimming Upstream Program (SUP) program enables high school students to experience, understand and appreciate the complete process of salmon recovery in Whatcom County while enjoying one of the most artistic styles of fishing ever invented. This experience is open to all high schools in Whatcom County and like our other programs is provided at no-cost to participating schools

student-led science drives their decision making

Using scientific data collected during their stream assessments, students contribute to the health of the community by designing and implementing a stream habitat restoration project in their local watershed. 

Fly-fishing trip! broadens the experience

After completing restoration projects, SUP students deepen their connection to the streams they've helped restore as participants on a culminating fly fishing trip hosted by NSEA staff and volunteer mentors from the local Fourth Corner Fly Fishers Club (FCFF).


NSEA coordinates all aspects of the SUP program and provides the necessary knowledge, tools, and materials to succeed. If you are an interested teacher or school administrator, please contact Rachel Benbrook for additional information and to get started! 

The most important thing students get out of SUP is a sense of being part of a whole, not just part of a community of people, but a community of nature that they can be responsible for.
— Bekah Colver, Teacher, Timber Ridge Learning Center